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Structural Inspections

Many times when real estate exchanges hands, home inspections are completed. In those home inspections, potential owners and or inspectors go through the home and they note things that are of concern, that appear to be happening to the structure. These can include things like cracks and foundations, sagging floors, sagging beams, bouncy floors, or non-level or non-plumb walls. 

At Elevation Engineering & Design we always explain to people that inspectors are essentially data collectors. They go out, and they let you know what they find and whether or not, based on their experience, they think it should be looked into further. A lot of times people immediately call a contractor, the foundation repair company, or some sort of repair company to see what it would cost to fix, i.e., a crack in the foundation or sagging in the floor.


Why You Should Hire Elevation Engineering & Design

The first question that really needs to be asked before figuring out how to fix it is whether or not it needs to be fixed at all. Does this crack matter? Is this something that’s going to continue to worsen or is it a problem? If you have a cracked foundation and you immediately call a foundation repair company and they quote you 20, $30,000 repair to fix that crack. It’s not that they’re trying to bamboozle you. However,  you ask them what it cost to fix the crack. Always rely on an expert to help you answer these types of questions. This is where Elevation Engineering gets called in and we can help. And that’s what it would cost versus the question, hey, does this crack matter? Is this something that’s going to continue to worsen or is it a problem? So that’s really where we get called in and we can help.  The first thing we do at Elevation Engineering and Design is help determine whether or not the issue at hand is this issue something that needs to be remediated. Or is it an issue that genuinely was caused by poor construction?   Once these questions have been addressed then the proper plan can be implemented.