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Elevation Engineering & Design

Framing Design

Framing design typically is covered in the (IRC) international residential code and a builder doesn’t necessarily need our input.

However, the charts and guidelines in the (IRC) international residential code are very conservative. The international residential code knows that not necessarily all design factors are taken into account by a builder.

When clients seek advice with their framing design plans, typically we can save them unnecessary coast due to over-engineering. If we just reduce the size of a single beam in their project, the cost savings of the material alone is more than what our fee would be. At Elevation Engineering & Design, we always encourage people, whether they need framing designs or not, to let us review and discuss their plans. First, it protects them from builders’ under-sizing members, which we run across all the time in our inspections. Secondly, it also¬† prevents builders from oversizing members, which again we run across in a lot of our inspections.

Why You Should Hire Elevation Engineering & Design

Even if we don’t do a full framing design, we do recommend that clients, if they’re building a house have an engineer review the plans, just to make sure nothing’s cost or construction is out of line. We also have seen plans that have come through from architects that have signed off on framing plans, and some of the framing design is grossly undersized to the point of gross negligence. But the people who use us for Framing design work love it because we tend to save them an extraordinary amount of money. Whether it be on the front end by not overpaying for material or on the back end by not having to pay to remediate an art and an issue.