Elevation Engineering & Design

Monica McKnight

I am the director of operations for Elevation Engineering and Design.

My role in the company is the day-to-day operational stuff. I take client phone calls, I schedule inspections, and I take the information for new clients for designs and pass them along to our team so they can get started on that. And I am the middle man, the liaison if you will, for our project managers out in the field and any information that they need to get to our design teams. And Rebecca and I help coordinate vendor packages and everything in the office.

The most fulfilling part about what we do at Elevation is seeing the entire team come together to take pieces of what the client has given them. And they come together and they make this masterpiece. Whether that’s a foundation plan or these amazing designs for a cabin. These clients come in and they really don’t know what they’re asking for. They don’t really know what they want. A lot of the time and they just have little pieces and they give those little pieces to our team, and our team makes something phenomenal out of it